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Adventurous by nature, passionately creative,
and constantly seeking the road less travelled.

SCOPED Visuals is a production company built for today’s high-end content demands. With a mix of in-house talents and dedicated freelancers, we blend artistry with modern tools to create impactful visuals. Our approach is straightforward: genuine, collaborative, and always open to evolution.


Philip Ritterbecks

Our mission is to lead the way in the future of virtual reality and help businesses stay ahead of the curve. We believe that virtual reality is the next big step in the evolution of our society, and it is essential for companies to be quick in embracing this new development.


Melvin Schuitmaker

Melvin, our Manager of Operations at SCOPED Visuals, not only plays a key role in keeping projects on track but also excels in client acquisition & relations. His reliable approach to both operations and client relations has become a valued asset to our team.


Truly Devoted to Creating Products that Inspire.

Our team focuses on producing digital assets for promoting projects in the domains of residential, real estate, commercial, and cultural properties.

Harnessing the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Houdini and others, we venture from crisp 2D designs into immersive virtual experiences, aiming for visuals that aren’t just stunning, but also engaging.

 Every member of our team adds their unique touch, ensuring that our work isn’t just about pretty images; it’s about telling a story, forging connections, and charting our own path in the world of architectural visualization.

Visuals that Inform,
Assure, and Captivate.

Leveraging advanced real-time rendering technologies to generate instant 2D imagery and immersive VR experiences.


Netherlands —
Pater Beatusstraat 5,
6411 TR Heerlen

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